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2 Developers - Full/Part Time (closed)

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2 Developers - to a new hot Swedish Fintech Startup Full Time or Part Time

May 2018. Would you like to work on our back- or front-end with a scalable Fintech cloud platform using state of the art tools and practices, enabling a great customer product experience?

We are looking for 2 product development oriented persons willing to take on blood, sweat and tears to become successful with our new moble app/web service. Your role would be to develop either

- Backend in Elexir with a Phoenix framework and Postgress database

- Frontend in Typescript (Javascript) with Angular framework, and a Cordova mobile first framework

You can start working right away and set the working hours at your wishes and convenience. We hope to find you as an open minded developer, tester and problem solver. It’s also important that you have a good sense for design, details and have a passion for building a user-friendly interface. We use agile development and like to contribute to the open source community if possible.

Mail your CV (no personal letter needed) and links to sites/apps/services that you have built to If you have an account at GitHub or Stack Overflow or a similar services you can also include such link(s). Questions are only answered on phone by Peter at 070-865 05 65.

You have to be able structure the code into functions and modules and have easy to choose best suitable software development tools, framework and use best practices. We expect that you have studies in engineering, system architect, programing or similar and have a degree, or less the one year left on your university education.


• You have some experience in front- or back-end development

• You can choose the open source tools and program language that fits your competence

• You know the basics of design, have a good eye for easy use and cool GUI

• Be active in staying up to date with the tools and processes to use for development

• Driven with lots of energy, passion and entrepreneurial spirit

• Be prepared to work hard until the development milestone and mission is completed

• Geek lover and thrive in a startup environment

• You speak and write English and Swedish fluently  

About Driftio

About Driftio We are a team of 6 people sitting in central Stockholm located at Kungsträdgården. One CEO, 4 developers and one on security and compliance. Mix genders and a nice environment. With Driftio you can; - managing long term financial stability for your family - get an unbeatable overview with accurate and updated decision-making data for your investments - get an appropriate risk level for you savings based on your current and unique financial conditions - get cost-effective pension alternatives for better long term returns - enables many persons to bet a better credit score and get loan applications accepted - pay less interest expenses on your loans