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We're looking for a new team member. A developer who mainly focus on back-end, but ideally have great front-end knowledge. If you have other/more skills, that'd be great!

Our stack varies, and evolves, depending on the project. But we do enjoy working in Go, Javascript, GraphQL and, of course, a sprinkle of SQL here and there. There's no requirement to master them all but familiarity is a bonus.

We host our projects on platforms we deem appropriate, recently we've been using Digital Ocean, Heroku, AWS and GCP. Preferably you have experience with many or mastery of a least one of them.

When it comes to front-end, we build almost all projects with React.


Women would be great to balance the team, but we welcome all candidates.

Please send us a few lines to start the conversation.

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We're a digital product studio.

Creators with technology & experience design at heart.

We're a small studio and we'll stay not big, but there's still room for a few more.