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Backend Developer (closed)

Job Description

This position is situated in Stockholm, Gothenburg or remote.

As an experienced backend developer at Iteam you build digital solutions that create real value for our clients. Solutions that make a difference for the client, the users and society.

As a member of an agile, cross-functional team you build innovative architectures and infrastructure using the latest technologies. You research and evaluate new technical solutions and methodologies and apply what you’ve learned in practice. Knowledge sharing is a natural part of your daily work, through code lunches, mob and pair programming and by mentoring others.

Your skill set

•The ability to assess the business value of the product being developed, and to communicate it to and discuss it with clients and colleagues.

• Collaboration (e.g. pair programming, mentoring, work across disciplines).

• Proficient in spoken and written English.

• GraphQL / REST

• NodeJS

• ES7 / Flow / Typescript

• Dotnet Core

 Elasticsearch + Kibana

• React / Vue / Angular

• React Native

• RxJS / RabbitMQ

• Kubernetes, OpenShift, Docker Swarm

• AWS / Azure / Digital Ocean

• Databases (Postgres, MongoDB, RethinkDB, Redis)

• CI/CD (Drone, TeamCity, Github)

• Active participation and contribution to the developer community (e.g open source projects, Meetups).

• Troubleshooting and debugging using microservices tools (such as Kibana and Logstash).

• DevOps (e.g. Docker, Docker Cloud, Linux, load balancing).

• End-to-end testing e.g. Selenium.

• Interest in AI, machine learning and big data.

• Something we didn’t know we needed that you might know - surprise us!

Our nice-to-haves

• 6 weeks vacation

• Code lunch every friday

• No expected overtime

• Top notch wellness grant

• Beneficial pension savings

• Shared bonus by the end of a good year

• Scheduled mentorship

• A yearly plan and budget for individual growth

• The video game room

About Iteam

We digitize companies and organizations. We use strategy, code and culture to build innovative, technical, value-added solutions that make a difference and we make sure that we have fun doing it!

Our customers face exciting technical and business challenges, with the potential to make a difference in their business area. Companies we work with include: Taxi Stockholm, Vimla, Doctors Without Borders and Arbetsförmedlingen.

We are about 30 people with offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg. At Iteam you can relax and be yourself. We’re always learning from each other through mentorship, code lunches, Friday breakfasts, knowledge sharing in projects and lab hours. We have a good time together and we watch out for each other at work, on the running trails, in the yoga studio, at game nights, when we hang out after work and at special events. We aim to create diverse and inclusive teams and we do not discriminate based on gender, gender identity and expression, ethnicity, race, religious affiliation, functional ability, sexual orientation, age, education or social background. Our teams are always cross-functional. Always agile. Always working closely with the customers, their employees, users and stakeholders.