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Blockchain / Crypto Strategy

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Is this an area of interest for you? No experience necessary. 

In this role, we will collectively explore the crypto asset / blockchain ecosystem. We will look for opportunity in today's market while setting a course for the future.

Areas of exploration include writing smart contracts (Ethereum, Neo, NEM ...) research and development of blockchain based token models, specific token evaluation e.g. BAT (Basic Attention Token), 0x, Decentraland, etc., ICOs like Dfinity, Telegram, monitoring of post ICO tokens like Filecoin, Tezos (Michelson), WAX, Render Coin (OTOY), etc.

We will also explore emerging areas like collectible tokens (ERC721), decentralized exchanges e.g Waves, Bitshares, Radar Relay, etc. and new approaches to fund raising for projects, real estate and beyond.

With the market in such an early stage, we want to set up learning and action models. 

When applying, please share a bit about you and your short term goals. Also, please expand on your interest / expereince in and around crypto assets.

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