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Brand and content designer (closed)

Job Description

NEL is looking for a talented designer who can take charge of creating its brand profile, graphical profile, web content and some marketing content for the launch of its first season. NEL is set out to be the leading esports league brand in Europe, backed by heavy investments and an experienced team with strong industry connections.

The main tasks included in this internship are

- Designing a complete graphical profile for NEL including the logo.

- Creating a simple web page for the launch.

- Creating branded graphical elements for the tournament platform shell.

- Designing document and social media templates.

- Cooperation and dialogue with marketing agencies and partners.

What we’re looking for in you

- A keen eye for clean and current digital design.

- An ability to assess and schedule your own workload accurately.

- Strong communicative skills both in vision and detail. English necessary, Swedish a plus.

- Experience in the process of creating logos and graphical profiles.

- Experience of both vector and pixel based graphic design.

- Experience and knowledge of creating responsive web design, via CMS or otherwise.

- An interest in and understanding of esports.

- A mature and professional value set.

NEL is a sibling company of and works closely with Area Academy (Global Esports Education AB) who specialize in educational structures for esports. Both companies are based in Stockholm. Preferably, so are you, though this is not necessary.

Outside of this specific project, there are opportunities for more work related to the two companies. We are looking to hire the right person after the internship ends.

Heavy industry experience is not mandatory, all applicants will be judged on their portfolio and their ability to discuss our vision. We look forward to seeing your work!

Tommy 'Potti' Ingemarsson - CEO

Fredrik 'Jaegarn' Andersson - League Manager

Petter 'Dreamish' Sjöstrand - Project Leader

Emil 'HeatoN' Christensen - Chief of Marketing

About National Esports League

National Esports League is a newly created company with the mission of building region-based esports leagues on a national level within Europe. The company is in its infancy and will be launching the first league season this summer with a smaller scope focused on the Nordic countries and the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The strength of NEL lies within a league system that will provide high participation value for players through strong partnerships and sponsorships that gives us the possibility to use and further develop the leading platforms and tournament systems on the market as well as provide significant player compensation through prize money and satisfying league structures. The NEL staff consists of a small team of well established esports veterans with a big passion for the industry.