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Brand/Product Manager & Entrepreneur (closed)

Job Description

We are looking for an intern for a period of 4 to 6 months to develop ‘Collaboration by Design’ as a standalone brand and semi-autonomous business. The internship has a strong Marketing & Sales focus but isn't limited to it.


 - Build the brand “Collaboration by design” and build a community of practice and an audience around it.

 - Drive book sales globally with a primary focus on Asia Pacific.

 - Drive masterclass sales and evolve the product / suite of products.


 - Develop and implement a marketing and sales strategy for the brand/products

 - Manage all social media

 - Create a presence in mainstream media (eg. Press, radio, TV)

 - Responsibility over the logistics of the training sessions in APAC (venue, catering, equipment)

 - Research and implement the solution to scale the book distribution (from managed in house to fully outsourced)

 - Manage the financials for both the book and the training

 - Manage the project of translation in Mandarin and distribution in China.

 - Co-design improvements to current products with local facilitators based on customer feedback.

The profile we’re looking for

We are looking for someone flexible, autonomous, creative, hard-working, tenacious and focused on outcomes. The candidates will have at least 2 meaningful professional experiences with tangible evidences of impact. We are open to recruitment at the back of the internship so a graduate or an end-of-study internship is ideal.

Mandatory skills

 - Excellent command of English, oral and written.

 - Mastery of social media and experience with social media marketing.

 - Strong communication skills: written, oral and listening.

 - Strong customer focus.

 - Good relational and networking skills.

 - Previous experience in marketing and sales.

 Additional skills that would be a plus

 - Web design and graphic design.

 - Experience of living or working overseas.

 - Previous experience in project management.

 - Good level of Mandarin.


Monthly fixed salary: $1,500 AUD

Variable component: 15% of the revenue of online book sales and 15% of the training revenue associated to new participants that sign up as a result of your work.

As an example, current book sales run around 50 / months and we expect your intervention to at least triple that. 150 sales / month would generate an additional 911 $ / month of extra income.The retail price for training averages at 1,750 $. We expect a minimum of 5 sales / month which would generate approximately 1,300 $ / month of extra income. 

About wheretofromhere?

We design and deliver programs of work to help our clients better collaborate, innovate and transform. Our role is to help leaders with ambitious goals deal with the complexities and uncertainties inherent to their role and the current volatility of the business environment. - We design and facilitate multi-stakeholder collaboration and complex decision making. - We design and facilitate innovation processes to help teams ideate, incubate and implement new disruptive ideas. - We design and facilitate individual and collective journeys to drive deep and sustainable transformation across organisations.