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Hi Hypers!

Here is a unique opportunity to become a key member of RemissHjälpen as our Chief Marketing & Sales Officer. We are an early stage start-up, previously non-profit organization, focusing on digital health care. In a rapidly growing market, we have already reached an eight-digit valuation, pre-launch/seed. We are launching service, app and webpage on December 1. So, the question is – are you the “David” we are looking for?

We are on the look-out for a person who would LOVE to join us on this journey for the long haul. Firmly believing that human chemistry is a key factor in finding the right person for the job and are keen on appointing the best suited person, we would like to offer you a standard (boring) job interview so we can determine our fit for each other.

If we decide to see if our fit is as good as we imagine, we would like to have a trial period of four weeks to test your skills and learn more about your vision for our road forward in terms of marketing and communication. When you get here, you will be working close to our CEO and CTO in many different aspects. We also expect you to attend (big shot) meetings with venture capital firms. If we both swipe right after this period – then it’s a match!

You should have/be:

- A nothing is impossible attitude.

- A clear vision and knowledge regarding marketing and PR.

- A knowledge of great customer acquisition-models.

- Knowledge in B2B sales. 

- Some knowledge within/about the healtcare sector. 

- Leadership qualities.

- Fluent in Swedish and English.

- Adaptability and openness to new tasks.

What we offer in return after the trial period:

- The role as our Chief Marketing & Sales Officer.

- A paycheck after the trial period of 4 weeks. 

- Equity in the company.

- A cozy seat in our office at H2 Health Hub.

- Free coffee, tea and fruit.

If interested - Please send your application to:

Hope to see you soon! 

About RemissHjälpen

An exciting new way of empowering patients, giving them the tools do choose their own procedures, exams, operations, specialist doctors and more. All without being dependent on their primary care physician to refer them. Always with the helping hand of our staff and the information we store. Online-based and government funded, with the ability to re-write the healthcare landscape.