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Communication Intern (closed)

Job Description

A typical morning starts around 9am when you arrive to our office in Gamla Stan, the center of Stockholm. You will review your tasks of the day that might include writing newsletters, creating videos, social media content and contributing to our campaigns and digital platforms . You will also be put in charge of one red thread project of your own depending of your interests, for example setting up a structure for how we work with social media insight, running a podcast, creating a mini campaign or renewing our webpage . Finally, you will organise with the six other interns fun team activities for the whole team such as breakfasts, fika and afterworks. The day usually finishes at 5pm but work hours are flexible . Each week, you will have a check-in with your supervisor in order to discuss your next steps.

About Reach for Change

Reach for Change is a quickly growing global non-profit organization founded by the Kinnevik Group and Sara Damber in 2010. We find and help passionate social entrepreneurs develop innovative solutions that make the world better for children. We support more than 400 social entrepreneurs who in turn helped hundred of thousands of children across 17 countries.