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Community Manager (closed)

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Develop and produce the engaging content our users need in order for them to make better decisions.

Meassure and analyze the engagement you produce and act on your conclussions accordingly together with the Client Success and Development teams in order to:

  1.  Increase the end user base overall.

2. Make better experiences for the end user.

Join the Business Development team in creating new, great, digital products for both new and existing customers and partners.

Who you are:

Wou want to grab a unique possibility to a huge stepping stone in your carreer. You will join an agile and young team where personal responsibility and hard work gets you great performences. You understand the opportunities that the fintech industry gives when you combine great products and relevant content and you would like join the journey. Even though you may have no experience from the fintech industry you have proven experience within the digital marketing and strategy areas, either because of a former employment, or just because you rock within these areas.

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About Fakturino

Fakturino was founded in 2012 by people behind Lendo and Kry, amongst others.

Today we are the biggest broker of operating financing for SME´s in Sweden, having brokered aprox. six billion SEK.

Today, Fakturino is part of the Bonnier Group and together we strive to make it easier for more swedish SME's to make their important decisions in a digital environment.