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Consultancy Description

Save the Children International Thailand is seeking a consultant (individual researcher and/or market research firm) to conduct comprehensive public research to test key messages designed to change attitudes and perceptions in the context of the Southern Border Provinces of Thailand. In particular, the attitudes that underpin the use of physical and humiliating punishment on children and dissuade male caregiver participation in early caregiving.

Purpose of the research:

(1) To support our campaign by communicating more effectively with our target audience in order to achieve our core objective, which is reducing use of physical and humiliating punishment of young children and increasing male caregiver acceptance of their role and responsibility in ECD in the Southern Border Provinces.

(2) To apply concrete finding (quantitative and qualitative) to inform our campaign for the new phase of our ECD work in the Southern Border Provinces of Thailand.

The research will be used to:

(1) To increase and improve our understanding of existing public knowledge, awareness and assumptions that are made, practices and attitudes (KAP) towards (1) Early Childhood Development in the Deep South of Thailand., particularly related to the use of physical and humiliating punishment; and (2) male caregiver’s role and responsibility in ECD in the targeted area.

(2) To gather in-depth insights on our Target Audience (demographics, psychographics, behaviours and attitudes, among others).

(3) To gauge public reactions to our branding/visibility, current approach and previous messages used in the target areas.

(4) To inform how to best approach the issue in order to win public support through new key message testing.

Objectives and Deliverables

The consultant will deliver on the following objectives:

- Detailed proposal

-Polling and Research Results

-power point presentation

-Final Report


The consultant will report to the Project Coordinator, Amran Vani; and liaise with other members of the SCI Thailand team like the Communications and Media Coordinator and Senior Education Specialist.

Time frame

15 December 2018 to 15 March 2019


The applicant is requested to submit the proposal, work plan, and detailed budget (including number of days required and estimated cost per day) with their application. The financial competitiveness of application will be considered in the selection process. All costs associated with delivery must be included, SCI will not pay for travel, per diem, translation, supplies, or any additional staff support time needed.

Submit to Apply

1. Expression of interest - showing understanding of the assignment/project and campaign

2. Organization’s/Firm’s Certificate, TIN and VAT registration

3. CVs of the members of the team

4. Portfolio and/or previous relevant studies

5. Work plan

6. Budget


1. Expertise in qualitative and quantitative research methods;

2. Experience in conducting large-scale public opinion survey and polling;

3. Good understanding of issues related to social development;

4. Experience in conducting similar assignment in Bangkok, Thailand (for corporate or non-profit).

5. Thai and English, proficiency required

6. Patani-Malay language proficiency preferred and/or plan for language inclusion;

7. Ability to work within strict deadlines

About Save the Children

Save the Children has been working in Thailand since 1984. Over the past 30 years, we have worked to deliver lasting changes for children in Thailand and across the Mekong delta.