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Hey there! 😍

We are an organisation called Pepp! We aim to get girls and women interested in technology. We believe in mentorship, creating role models and organising inspiring events where women and girls can meet, share experiences and get an insight into the world of technology. We want everyone to get an insight in the industry, it’s huge potentials and wide range of opportunities and give young girls and women the information they need to make informative decisions about whether to consider a career or future within technology, or not.

Today we are a non-profit organisation where everyone that is engaged are contributing completely through volunteering work. We have a steering committee working across Sweden setting the vision and direction and then we have 6 dedicated project groups consisting of 4-10 people each, spread out the whole Sweden, from Luleå down to Gothenburg. These project groups are organising and running mentorship programs with mentors from technical universities and mentees studying gymnasiet, which could consist of up to 50 mentors in a city. They are organising events and partnerships with different technology companies based in each of the active cities.

So, what do we need your help with? 💡

We want to spread the inspiration, knowledge and opportunities there are within technology to even more people, and to cities where we do not yet exist. We believe in a digital future where we can spread the same type of inspiration, create role models and initiate mentor relationships online and through our social media channels.

But in order to reach that, we need someone that works directly with the steering committee to set goals, visions and develop a content plan for out online and digital presence. We need someone to work both strategic and operatively with growing our number of followers, as well as creating meaningful, inspiring and impactful content to share in our social media channels. We also need someone to build a collaboration plan and make sure that the different initiatives and events hold throughout Sweden are lifted and spread for further inspiration online.

If this is a part time engagement, an internship or something you do together with a team you believe - it is completely up to you. As for now, no one in our organisation gets paid and everyone that’s engaged is either currently a student or have other full time jobs so unfortunately we are not able to provide any salary.

Do you have any questions or want to submit an application? Please reach out to Matilda:, working with recruitment or to Helena:, working with PR.  

Stay golden Hyper peeps 🌟

About Pepp

Pepp is a mentorship program where you that identifies as a girl can get a female mentor from a technical university within Sweden, that will help you realise the wide range of opportunities within the technology industry. Your background or current interest or experience with technology does not matter - Pepp is for everyone!

Since we started 2013 have more than 800 young girls and engineering students participated in as mentees, mentors or in one of our project groups.