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Looking to take distribution to the next level? Look no further. At Trickle, we believe all content can be good content, it’s all a matter of timing and precision.

Right now we’re looking for new content distributors who share our outlook on distribution and wants to grease some elbows, do some legwork and deliver some astonishing results.


We believe you’ve already worked with digital ads and content distribution, in some capacity or another. You’ve done a deep dive into Facebook Business Manager and Google AdWords and you are of course familiar with setting up campaigns and identifying target audiences. Perhaps you have a fancy marketing degree, perhaps you’ve learnt by doing – it really doesn’t matter to us, as long as you’re a data-driven do:er who lives and breathes digital distribution, we’re sure to get along perfectly.

We don’t believe in hierarchies – and you probably shouldn’t either. At Trickle we do stuff together. We’re growing at a fast pace, so if you’re interested in being part of really building something from the ground up – this is the next challenge for you!


– Manage and optimize campaigns in Facebook Business Manager and Google AdWords on a daily basis.

– Build distribution plans and execute them perfectly.

– Build custom reports, analyze and share results with our clients.

– Analyze target audiences and provide key insights to content producers in terms of creative.

– Share strategies, knowledge and key insights internally.

– Project management and contact with clients and our partners.


– A proven record of working with digital distribution.

– Facebook Business Manager experience.

– Google AdWords experience.

– Google Analytics experience.

– A background in digital marketing.

– Strong analytical skills.

– Strong communication skills.

– Fluency in Swedish. 

– A passionate interest in social media and digital content.


We’re a fun and fast paced band of distributors who execute wonders on a daily basis. A part from having great colleagues, Trickle, just like our beloved friends at our sibling agency Oh My!, have got our employees covered. Insurance, collective agreement… All that jazz. Jazz aside, we have our employees covered in other aspects too.

We provide a healthy boost to your salary, when you work out. That’s right, you get paid to sweat! A nice motivation for hitting the gym a few times a week, don’t you think? We also support the initiative “Luftlön” (loosely translated to “Oxygen salary”). Take a short walk, get your creative juices flowing and ka-ching: a little something extra on your paycheck. Oxygen-ius.

Other things we like to humbly brag about:

– Work from anywhere. As long as it works with your day to day schedule, we don’t see why you shouldn’t be able to take some time exploring the world.

– Office yoga and running groups.

– Interesting lectures, awesome parties and an all around abundance of good vibes.

– Great offices, shared with our sibling agency Oh My!, at Mariatorget, Stockholm.


Shoot us an email at We’d love to hear from you.

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