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Engaging and user-oriented content is a big part of what makes Easycredit a good website. We are an international team of talented content marketers and are currently looking for a new Swedish Content Specialist to join our growing team in Stockholm. As a Content Specialist you will mainly work with text production in your native language, but also collaborate with other departments within the organisation. Your mission is to generate creative and outstanding content to help drive the business of our services towards old as well as potential customers.

Brief description about the role:
In the role as a Content Specialist you will be responsible for producing content in Swedish for exclusively for Easycredit. Your mission is to strengthen our brand’s position on the Swedish market by creating unique content that brings value for the visitors. Apart from the content production you will also hold the responsibility of generating traffic, engagement on the website and conversions.

You will also be engaged in other channels such as blogs, social media and external collaborations with other sites. SEO skills are beneficial but is not a requirement.

As a Content Marketer you are part of our marketing division. Together with your colleagues, you will set your own goals as a team but also as individuals.

Your challenge:
• Execute daily content creation tasks; content research, topic analysis, publishing and engaging our visitors/customers

• Ensure the content orders are executed in line with the requirements provided
• Work with other team members to develop, create, implement and adapt new content production strategies

• Analyse competitors and take decisions/initiatives based on current market trends

• Use tools to track your performance and KPI: s

• Be involved with the SEO and Product department to contribute knowledge in terms of content

• Follow current trends in Sweden but also on other Scandinavian markets
• Identify, analyse and solve problems

• Take part in brainstorming meetings and put your creativity forward

• Strong communications skills in Swedish and English

• Be comfortable in producing finance and loan related content (We advise all applicants to get familiar with general terms used in the industry such as consumer credits, payday loans; (sms lån på svenska) and interest rates (effektiv ränta) and loan amount (lånbelopp)
• Self-motivated personality with ability to work in a dynamic working environment

• Creative, new-thinking and “deliver or die” mindset

• Eye for details; ability to proofread content, give feedback and take critics from other Content Specialists

• Background in journalism, digital media, finance or PR

• Basic knowledge in HTML, CSS and image editing

About Easycredit Sverige

With operations in Sweden and Finland since 2006, Easycredit is focused on helping consumers with their financial needs. We have over 200 000 customers in Sweden and Finland, and are currently recruiting a new Content Specialist to join our growing team in Stockholm, Sweden.