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Copywriter in swedish and english (closed)

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Medical Technology Company NeoScience AB - Stockholm

NeoScience develops new technology for treatment of breast cancer.

We always strive to work with the most talented people in the industry when it comes to developing medical technology.

We are looking for a skilled and ambitious copywriter with the right creative mind that can describe medical technology in a marketable and popular manner who would like to work with us in a recurring way.

Working with us means you will be part of a fantastic trip developing tomorrow's medical technology.

Right now, we are looking for a Copywriter who will work with us on a freelance basis, for example web content, information for investors, articles in specialist journals, product descriptions, marketing campaigns, social media and much more.

To find out more about the company NeoScience, please visit our website

Desired skills and experience:

Experience of communicating the market message and understanding of the commercial benefits of new medical technology.

Creative, positive thinking with an interest in the human benefit of technological achievements.

Ability to work with tight deadlines and the ability to quickly generate a core message.

About NeoScience

We are a high-tech company that develops tomorrow's methods for cancer treatment. We have successfully conducted a clinical study that proves the benefits of the technology. Our next goal is to establish the method at the market. We are looking for a co-worker who together with our technical team can communicate our message.