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Dear UI / UX designer, 

Exam periods are the worst thing I know.

Have you searched for a way to hack your way through exams at university? Find a way to get the highest grade possible, with the least amount of effort? Tntor offers that. It might just be too late for you, but if you join us you can at least help younger generations get that. Isn't it odd that students do the same exam prep work year after year, in isolation? It can be tiny things such as downloading all past exams, or bigger things such as searching for the right info, asking around or even tracking your progress. Oftentimes, you have no idea where to start or where to finish, if you're going to be ready or even if you're on par with the other students. Anxiety kicks in... 

We think we have the solution for that though

Our purpose is to make these exam periods what they should be: an intensive, satisfying, social, challenging learning experience. We have gotten a bit on the way: a lot of students at KTH use our website, some of them so much that we even feel sorry! It's time we get a deep understanding of how they use it and what they miss before we get on to the new version. In addition to an enjoyable experience, we need the program to be productive, the learning to stick. This mix is called learning experience design, and whoever finds the way to make study weeks the most enjoyable, productive weeks, will conquer any university. So, we need you.

What you are going to do

- Understand the needs of our users. Many of our students really like us and hope to see us go forward, so it's more enjoyable than cold calling. And they're at KTH, so it's pretty handy to meet them. We even have office at KTH Innovation where you can take them. 

- Become expert (or almost!) in the Learning Experience Design field. The product will grow within the intersection of their wishes and scientifically verified best learning practice. 

- Test your wireframes and make a suggestion on new design for our website. 

- You can help us implement it if you can code :)

Give me a call at 0768182202 or shoot an email if this sounds fun enough


About Crash Course Sverige AB

We're an education startup at KTH Innovation. We want to make university exam periods more a productive, fun and social experience. Today, we categorize past exam questions by topic and difficulty, and give students a dashboard to follow up on their progress. We have gotten a lot of traction at KTH and plan to improve on the product in the coming months and thereafter expand to other universities. We hope to achieve a duolingo kind of experience to studying exams. Finally we'd look forward to them :)