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Creative Technologist (closed)

Job Description


- Have fun while propelling and inspire other propellers in the team to have fun.

- Help our clients/partners to have fun in the process and propel as an organization.

- Actively leading the experience prototyping process which includes researching potential technologies and developing working prototypes both physical and digital. Many of our prototypes are connected devices formed by a package of electronics enclosed in a 3D printed structure that connects to a server and/or a mobile app through wifi/BLE.

- Actively lead and manage projects.

- Actively lead the research of any state of the art technology.

- Help develop the creative, enjoyable, inspiring, transformational culture at propelland together with the founding team to motivate the propellers to create the best results for the projects we work for and the people we will impact through meaningful experiences.


Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering or related technical field and 2 years of work experience in job offered or in a software/hardware/mechanical development-related occupation


- Positive, Fun / Sense of humor, Proactive, Curious, Hard worker, Planning, Risk taker.

Strong drive to explore and learn new technologies, and unafraid to be out of your comfort zone.


- Excellent organizational, time management and multitasking capabilities.

- A strong product/prototypes portfolio demonstrating expertise in multiple design/development disciplines.

- Ability to effectively articulate sound recommendations, both internally and with our clients

- 2 out of

     - Foundation of Computer Science including data structures and algorithms

     - Foundation of Electronics, in particular with Arduino and Raspberry Pi

     - Foundation of Mechanics * Proven ability to craft and communicate thoughtful user experiences. Effective communicator who can work closely with multidisciplinary teams including Art Directors, UX designers, developers, and clients.


- Deep understanding of the Design Thinking Process

- Experience with Adobe Creative Suite.

- Mobile (iOS, Android, React Native) development experience

- Web server (Django, Node.js…) development experience

- Experience with Unity/Unreal and AR/VR development.

- Blockchain technologies

About Propelland


At Propelland we help companies grow by creating services, products, and experiences that add value to their customers' lives. We believe in a methodology that hinges on understanding people, their contexts, and cultures. This applies internally as well, and we are constantly evolving and reinventing ourselves.

We are passionate about the future where the line between physical and digital products merge together in a seamless, transparent, and user centered way. At Propelland our team is made of curious designers, strategists, and technologists who enjoy having fun in the process of creating collaboratively. Our focus is putting people first in our work and at our studio.