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Culture-driven creative

Internship atPhenomenonsAmsterdam,Netherlands

Job Description

We have room for a very driven and talented creative soul with strong curiosity towards culture and the creative world beyond advertising. You will support us at the strategy, development & craft of product- and cultural innovations, varying from an immersive learning experience around sustainability, a project around the future of living and the European launch of A.I. driven camping. Your job includes hands-on creative work, upgrading our social media game all the way to trend-forecasting workshops and ideation sessions. We offer you a great learning experience in a small yet highly skilled, international team of change-makers. In arguably the greatest office in Amsterdam, way up in the A'DAM Tower. Sound like you? We're happy to hear why!

About Phenomenons

The economy is in the midsts of a massive social disruption. Many of the once dominant brands lose their resonance, leaving a huge gap for innovative brands delivering the right cultural expressions. We figured it was about time to intertwine trend & data-analysis, strategy, creativity and consultancy into a new and improved offering. One that propels a new kind of brand into this exciting, hyperconnected and purpose-driven economy.