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Design and production (closed)

Job Description

MedUniverse is seeking a design and production freelancer to become an agile member of its team. This role will work closely with the Marketing Manager, to refresh the MedUniverse brand, creating a bright and professional appearance for 2018.

This is a "hands on role" and requires prompt delivery, to meet the short term growth objectives: The following will guide the successful delivery of this project:

- To maintain the existing branding - colours and fonts

- Use the existing video materials to create the assets

- To incorporate the MedUniverse "circle" into the design

- To balance the amount of the animation images with logo/icons

- The MedUniverse circle should represent

     - A platform….everything thing you need…it's complete…you have everything you need to achieve quality engagement…with HCPs, patients and KOLs.

     - The segments of the circle represent that the platform can be used in multiple:

          - Areas - marketing, medical education, sales force effectiveness

          - Channels - email, websites, meetings, webinars etc.

         - For Analytics - data from the engagement (a pie chart)


These will be agreed with the successful applicant and a detailed brief provided.


About MedUniverse

MedUniverse is a digital platform for creating Healthcare Professional (HCP) engagement using patient cases.

The platform enables a HCP to interact with a patient case, gaining feedback on their responses and viewing how their understanding compares with their peers. This interaction data is then presented in a dashboard for customers from the life sciences and pharmaceutical industry to gain insight into the effectiveness of their medical education and multi-channel marketing campaigns.

MedUniverse is a global platform in over 22 languages, providing its customers with a common view of interaction data and the management of the patient case content distribution. MedUniverse is a global business, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden and working with customers in 15 countries.