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Designer (closed)

Full-time atBlankoslo,Norway

Job Description

We are looking for a designer (a few actually) who is driven, engaged and interested in solving the real problems. We're not picky on your original title, we don't care for titles, just putting together the best team to solve the problem and letting them take care of the rest...

A base requirement for this position is to be able to communicate in one of the scandinavian languages as all our internal communication/slack discussions are primarily in norwegian.

About Blank

Blank is an anarcho-syndicalistic, consultancy who run their own startups as well as working closely with other startups and consulting with major brands and businesses. We do all our own design + tech.

We design and build digital products and services, we don't work with advertising or campaigns or anything like that. We work close with real people, solving their problems together. explains more about how we are run, it's interesting and important for you to know why Blank is such a special place :)