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We accelerate and facilitate the world´s transition to transparent and improved animal protection using leather footwear. We are Tesla, for shoes. 

Our goal is by synchronizing technology/ big data with craftsmanship and storytelling to reach undiscovered global results and a new global standard, caring for animals by 2023. We are also building a full conceptual fashion house for men. 

The problem: The UN decided on 17 global goals, neither included animals as a key to sustainable ecosystems. The word "ecological" in the 2,3 billion dollars (valued) fashion industry lack connection to the welfare of animals and is only connected to the welfare of humans and nature.   

The solution: The world´s first traceable leather footwear, where all leather parts (normally a leather footwear have between 4-10 different types of leather) are traced back to the animals involved. We currently work with the best in the business in this solution, from farms, goodwill ambassadors to the craftsmen. 70 % of the production is in Sweden, 30 in Italy. 

We will coach you during your internship, but you are expected to work independently from the given briefs and feedback meanwhile, as part of our team. The long-term goal is that you become part of our in-house team, having responsibility for all digital content creations, animations, web design and extend/develop our digital strategies into digital customer experiences with our Head of Customer experiences- during fashion weeks, pop up shows, event etc.

We work from Uppsala, at Techhub Base10 and hope you will join us here. We will cover your additional monthly travel costs.

Please send me an email or call, with a short description of why this project makes your heart skip a beat and how you would like to contribute (please add if the tech or fashion part is the most interesting, and in which way) Do not include a CV, I will not look at it. 

We will launch during fashion week this June, after over 2, 5 years in RnD. Look forward to your mail and any questions you might have.




Accelerating and facilitating the world´s transition to transparent animal protection. First model Andrew is a limited edition of 99 pairs. Andrew is the world´s first leather footwear where all leather parts can be traced back to the exact animal.