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E-com mgr/ HI Stockholm bldng (closed)

Job Description

Kick Accessories is looking for a part time e-com manager. We are located in the same building as Hyper Island Stockholm, 10th Floor. You will be with responsibility for the growth and management of all aspects of the e-commerce business including customer offer and brand experience, commercial calendar, sales, digital platform and digital development. Since it's part time you can combine both work and studies without leaving the building.

Come up and chat with us if you want to find out more!  You can call Andrea 0762-363593!

About Kick Accessories

Kick Accessories is a Swedish company looking to disrupt the eyewear industry. With over 20 years experience in the fashion industry and half of them in the eyewear industry we know how to make inexpensive, diverse and attainable products for all kind of ages and personalities. Our vision is to merge our core products with technological innovation and build a progressive digital fashion accessories platform. We are looking for an e-commerce and social media manager Intern to help us achieve our vision. The company is ready for an international launch.