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Experience design internship (closed)

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Hybrid Forest mainly work together with clients, conceptualizing, designing and producing virtual reality, film/3D, websites and all sorts of other interactive projects. Other services we offer companies are workshops in softwares and meditation. At Hybrid Forest we also start and end our workdays with guided meditation or yoga.

Sharing knowledge is at our core and internship opportunities would stretch from developing internal projects, such as content and design for branding/short films to creating prototypes/pitches for clients. Although we want the internship to primarily be a great opportunity to learn, some existing skills would be ideal, preferably in one of the following:


We seek people that are looking to smash some great projects, whilst simultaneously having a blast! So are you up for it? Then please send over a short description of yourself and a CV/Portfolio.

About Hybrid Forest

Hybrid Forest is a creative studio, consisting of a multi-disciplinary team. We love to use the latest in technology to really bring our projects to life. We do Experience Design - Film - Virtual Reality.

As an organization we strive to build a safe, fun and creative space for everyone involved - To build a community where people can thrive, developing current and new skills.