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We are a start-up from Stockholm, Sweden and will launch a catering business (hopefully September this year) of vegetarian/vegan meal deliveries in Stockholm. One of our challenges is, of course, to find our target audience, make them aware of our existence and ask for their opinions. Now that our survey is ready we want your help to find the relevant people for some good and decent feedback.

The typical customer lives in Stockholm, is already a vegetarian/vegan and has an income above average; typically a busy, intelligent and self-aware character that much values personal time. The goal is to gather the opinions of 100-1000 people for reliable answer statistics.

If this challenge sounds like a nice part of your future resume, do not hesitate to contact us with further questions.

Best regards/ Greenisch team

About Greenisch

Delivery service of own-cooked, non-meat, ecological meals to homes in Stockholm.