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Graphic artist & Design Internship in Esports (closed)

Job Description

The Company is now moving into the next stage of its growth with the ability to engage millions of gamers worldwide. We offer you to be part of our core team, and to design and develop our brand and brand assets for all communication and social media channels! 

Your main responsibilities will be to assist our development team in designing graphical assets and design elements for the core web app. As well as working closely with the marketing team in creating brand-specific and awe-inspiring assets and designs to be used in all Challengermode communication, both towards our users and partners.

We’re looking for a hard working and talented designer with proven skills in graphic design, UI/UX, web, or digital design in general. A good understanding or proficiency in web development is a plus. Ideally, you have a big interest in computer games and esports, and an unsatiable hunger for creating and iterating on designs in a collaborative environment!

About Challengermode

At, dedicated gamers are able to play high-quality matches and tournaments in competitive esports games for money and prizes. Our mission is to make esports the biggest sport in the world. We do this by monetizing esports and by building the fundamental infrastructure required to organize the esports community.