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Graphic Design Intern (closed)

Job Description

Are you passionate and have the will to be the best on the planet at something?

Do you dream big? Do you work hard? Are you curious and eager to learn?

Are you positive and open minded? Do you hate assholes?

If yes, then this is the opportunity for you to be a part of something big.

We’re looking for our new internship superstar to our creative team!

A hint of what the job involves:

We are looking for a creative web designer with full knowledge in coding. Intership tasks include creating brand pure designs for newsletters, grids and social media. We want a hungry web designer intern with a trendy and innovative design aesthetic that fits IVYREVEL.

Together with our creative team you will work daily on designs, graphics and animations with IVYREVEL content for all our channels.


IVYREVEL is a digital fashion house, tailored for our generation. We are inspired by urban contrasts, strong independent women and by the contemporary now. Drawn by opposites, we’re mixing both uptown and downtown in our collections. Our style is polished, loud and extrovert with feminine silhouettes and ample amounts of attitude. Attention to visual details is of great importance since we value design that makes us look stunning both online and offline.