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J A U N T 

The Company
JAUNT is an industry rethink on travel. In a world where social media has deemed national borders irrelevant, travel has taken center stage. Emerging as one of the most prominent travel groups, Millennials have changed the ways in which travel is perceived. No longer is it a luxury for the elite, but rather a rite of passage and a necessity in understanding the world in which they live. JAUNT creates an interactive and user-friendly experience for the curious wanderers.

The Task
The idea for JAUNT was created by Ashlee and Katja. Despite being born in California and Sweden, both girls have lived in numerous countries around the globe. Constantly on the hunt for the best places to see, eat, and explore, they found themselves exhausted by information overload, and felt the average travel guide to be irrelevant and targeted to a different customer segment. With the desire to have a physical travel guide, who’s cover is aesthetically pleasing and content is both relevant and intriguing, JAUNT was born.

Currently, JAUNT is in the initial phase of its journey and needs your expertise. In addition to making travel more authentic, we want to spotlight talented young designers. As JAUNT is a physical book, we find it vital that its cover initiates a desire to be placed on one’s bookshelf or coffee table. It is because of this that we are looking for the next best design. We want you to design the cover for JAUNT.

In regards to design, we give you full creative liberty. However, we would love to visually see our Scandinavian and California heritage in the design. While JAUNT is unlike anything currently on the market, we expect the design to be one of its differentiation points as well. Uniqueness is key and design must be universal, not limited to a specific city. Words for inspiration: edgy, clean, bold, authentic, intriguing, etc.

Included in the design: The company name JAUNT. Additionally, as it is a city guide, the name of a city (this will change for each customer, however, give us an example of what it would look like for them).
Size of the book: 128mm x 197mm

What is in it for you?
We will be choosing 3 of the best designs, which will be used as covers for our travel guides. Our customers will choose between the 3 designs for their own tailor-made guide, which will then be printed and shipped all around the globe. As we want to spotlight you, your name and design will not only be credited on the website (your portfolio will be linked) and in the printed book, but you will help us in our mission to bring authenticity back into the mass-produced travel industry.

Any Questions?
Email us at or connect with Ashlee on LinkedIn:

We know you will check out our SoMe platforms, and sadly they are all under construction. We think it’s important to have the design of our book in place before we begin showing JAUNT to the rest of the world.

April 27, 2018
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"jaunt: short excursion or journey made for pleasure"

About J A U N T

Using our special technology, we have created the ultimate Millennial travel guide. JAUNT is a tangible travel guide that is tailor-made to the individual, from our customer insights. All they have to do is tell us where and when they are traveling, answer a few Buzzfeed like questions, so we can get to know them better, and voilà their very own JAUNT journal will arrive at their door step. JAUNT is the perfect way to co-create a travel experience without actually having to spend time searching and filtering out unnecessary information.