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Graphic Designer Ninja

In the role as Graphic Designer Ninja you’re a part of creating our brand identity by creating visually engaging, crisp and useful marketing material to support the entire organization. A key aspect of your role is a good understanding of the right balance between design, business needs and customer needs. The tasks are focused on creating graphical content we can use in all of our channels, but will also include extending and forming our brand identity.

We're not looking for an extensive background within the field of communications, but rather a curious, passionate and eager-to-learn person who has a genuine interest in entrepreneurship, graphical design and wants to develop as a person, both soft and hard skills.

We’re a multi-cultural team consisting of seven members from four different cultures, with backgrounds from additional four. Our working language is therefore English, which is a requirement for you to master. We don’t care about your gender, age or academic degree. We care about you being open-minded, respectful and have genuine interest in the tasks you’ll be doing but most importantly have a genuine interest in our mission.

We believe that your personal qualities are more important than your professional skills. We want to provide you with the best opportunities we can in order for you to develop as a person, both personally and professionally.

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