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Growth Hacker Intern (closed)

Job Description

The tasks:

- Choosing in accordance with the others which metrics/KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to focus on.

- Bringing traditional and creative ideas how to grow those KPIs.

- A/B testing those ideas.

- Analyzing the data and users’ feedback.

- Exchanging ideas/data/feedback with other team members in order to present results and make the product more user-centric.

- Driving traffic to your website, landing pages, social media, apps…

- Working on a lean startup process.

- Working with the AARRR Sales Metrics Diagram (Acquisition – Activation – Retention – Referral - Revenue)

- Prioritizing growth channels.

- Optimizing channels.

- Scaling and Automating the growth processes.

- Knowledgeable about referral marketing and being able to create viral growth.

What skills do we believe you should have:

- Being data-driven and kind of a data-geek: clear understanding of data, analytics, metrics and statistics.

- Being social and understanding users’ behavior. Having great customer relations skills

- Willing to learn.

- Having a startup mindset.

- A/B Testing and Data Analytics experience

- Editing and copywriting skills

- Not being scared of pivoting

- Knowledge about both inbound and outbound marketing

- Programming knowledge: even if it’s not compulsory, it is meritorious.

- Being performance and results-oriented

- Being curious and creative

- Being relentless in pursuit of growth

- Having experience with growth hackings tools such as Optimizely for A/B Testing, MailChimp for email marketing campaigns, HubSpot for CRM, sales and marketing purposes, Zapier to automate workflows...

About Nordic Tech House

We are Nordic Tech House, a digital accelerator. We boost existing products and services, and incubate new ones. Nordic Tech House operate in the realm between human needs and digital opportunities, a place where change is always present.

We don’t have any clients. Instead, we form strategic partnerships with companies and entrepreneurs. Together we share mindset and ambition, risk and reward. We believe that skill and speed is crucial for growth and are staffed accordingly.

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