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Head of Growth (closed)

Job Description

Diabetes, one of the top 10 chronic disease of the world.

422 million - that's the number of people that have diabetes (6 out of 100 human beings in the world).

100 - is the number of users we're starting with Healthihabits today and 100 000 is where we're running towards.

In order to live well with their condition, a person that has diabetes needs:

- tailored motivation and support by connecting with similar peers.

- practical and personalised information helping that person to sustain new behaviours.

It used to be the case that the person with diabetes had to visit the hospital to get this kind support and information. But, not anymore.

Since 2016, our team of 8 people have combined our 20+ years of experience in Artificial Intelligence, Medical Science, Digital Health, and Behavioural Economics to create Healthihabits.

Healthihabits helps people with diabetes by giving them motivation, support, and practical/personalised information.

In the Healthihabits apps, every person with diabetes can share:

- the best recipes and food routines for diabetes.

- exercises and experiences.

- medication and progress.

- stories of how they manage diabetes successfully and now live a healthy life.

The person who has diabetes can use this information to live a happier life with the help of others.

We currently focus on diabetes, but also investigate additional chronic conditions.

What have we achieved?

We have released the pilot platform to our test users who are now testing the platform and are coming back with overwhelmingly positive feedback.

We are currently planning to have a closed release to our trusted user groups and evaluate how our customers use our Healthihabits platform and how we could offer them a better experience.

What’s our challenge?

Our next challenge is GROWTH. More specifically, taking our apps for Android and iOS to 100 000 users. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

You will help a massive amount of people around the globe live happier lives with the help of cutting edge AI technology and behavioural science.

Your part in this will be to setup and tweak our growth engine with one goal in mind - acquire users in the most cost-efficient way possible with various growth hacks.

You will also build strategic relationship building with our partners.

Skills & Requirements

We believe that:

- you understand and have experience with producing growth in B2C-facing apps.

- you are a digital marketer with experience in a variety of marketing channels.

- you have experience building long-term strategic partnerships

- you speak fluent Swedish and English. Additional languages are considered a bonus because we are looking to expand globally.

We consider the above points starting points for discussion. If you feel like you would be ready for the job without having some of the experience above, please apply!

About Healthihabits

We are a small team with an extremely big ambition to redefine the digital health industry by forming and empowering chronic illness communities for better health.

If you’re interested to join an early stage e-health startups and believe you can create a design impact that changes the lives of our users, ping us and let’s talk right away.