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Head of Paid Search (closed)

Job Description

The Head of Paid Search plays an authoritative role within our team, the role is both strategic and operational. Responsible for contributing to HIROY’s methodologies, and mastering external tools required to deliver efficient and profitable PPC client campaigns, and efficient day to day maintenance of assigned accounts, supporting in the quality assurance of project deliverables, and sales support.

The seniority associated with this role means that frequent client contact via email, telephone or face-to-face meetings will be required as well as being involved in the management and mentoring of team members across the HIROY’s paid search marketing offering.


HIROY value personal and professional relationships with our clients, we provide perfectly matched digital specialists who solve our client needs and develop new digital marketing opportunities. We are a bespoke team to challenge and inspire our clients, tapping into new activities and channels to achieve their goals, we become successful together.