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Influencer marketer internship (closed)

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T R E E M is a start-up company on a fast track development, a fun and fast paced journey that you could be able to join!
T R E E M is based on an older company that was founded in early 2017, that got its first product line out in the autumn of 2017. Late 2018 a new owner stepped in and we are quickly developing the company with an aim of becoming a True and Elegant fashion company that is genuine and authentic. 
At this very moment we sell 20 products and will launch approximately 20 new products in spring 2019.
Today we are an international team around T R E E M, and now we need to build even more of a core team in Stockholm.

We need you to step in and help out in taking responsibility for the growth in social media and in collaboration with influencers! And in more detail we would like you to:

1. Dig into and give input for us to refine the present social media strategy
2. Identify problems/possibilities we have to be more successful
3. Help out with the design of our instagram account(s)
4. Be part of creating content, photography, text and relevant hashtags for instagram
5. Answer influencer requests, and reach out to potential influencers
6. Negotiate and sign influencer contracts
7. Continuosly work with actions to improve engagement and success rate

This is the core of the internship, but as in any start-up-journey we also want you to be part of all other aspects of running a company from something small to something big.

We believe that a few key words for you to check before applying, do you believe in the following you will probably be a great team member:

- The fashion industry is interesting
- Work hard - play hard is my melody
- The right Attitude is almost the most important
- Culture eats strategy for breakfast
- Start with why before what and how
- Want to make a difference, for real
- Strong in English and Swedish language, German or French is a plus
- Sustainability - is important and I want to get the world a better place
- Experience from successful influencer and affiliate programs is a great advantage

We would like you to start as soon as possible, and for the successful candidate there is a chance of future employment!

If you have questions please contact us at:

If the above sounds thrilling - apply now!

About T R E E M S T H L M

T R E E M S T H L M is a jewelry fashion company that breathes raw elegance to it's core. T R E E M stands for True and Elegant Movement, and that's what our brand is all about, be true to yourself and others, be elegant in all things you do, and let us all together get the movement going for a more beautiful and better world.

Our target group is the independent, sophisticated and brave individual, who also values that our bracelets are hand made and hand forged locally in our foundry outside Stockholm, using recycled material and cherishing sustainable matters in general.

We mainly meet and greet our customers through social media, which is also our main source of customers.