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KAi Studios help clients build sustainable relationships based on trust and dialogue, rather than short-term manipulation and monologue. With background in art, psychology, web and journalism, we like to see ourselves as change agents. For the sake of clarity, we usually just say we’re an agency.

Our mission? To shape the communication of tomorrow. A sustainable and human-centric mode of communication.


We're currently on the lookout for interns willing to join us in our journey ahead. There is always plenty of work to be done, so if you’re curious enough and ready for adventure, we are more than happy to bring you in!

As an intern you will be assigned one of our currently running projects, serving as a helpful bridge between our clients and our creative / strategic team. You will be assisting our team in coordinating meetings, keeping track of deadlines, and helping us out in delivering a successful project.

Nobody is perfect, but we appreciate you being courageous, flexible, motivated and self-reliant, with an agile approach towards yourself and your role. As part of KAi, you need to be able to find creative solutions to urgent problems. It’s obviously a huge advantage if you already have a professional network.

We demand a lot, but in return you’re rewarded with exciting challenges, with customers at the very forefront, ready to expand their limits and change the world. You'll have flexible working hours in a small organization that welcomes people of all sorts.


If KAi were a restaurant, we would be the small tavern with two michelin stars and only five tables. It's not snobbish, no white cloths to be found. Entering should feel like coming home, yet challenging. Having the best and most exciting menu is a given. What distinguishes us is our hospitality and our sincere passion for what we do.

We help our clients build strong identities. We mostly facilitate extensive processes where the goal is to develop and enhance everything from core beliefs, product line and brand strategy to visual identity and digital content production.

Our ambition is to create fearless organizations who live their own story. One day we're building the next generation's internet in Barcelona. The next we're in Frölunda trying to understand why energy automation is important. Our ambition is to be 100% invested storytellers in each mission we take on.


As of today, KAi is a small but rapidly expanding company. We exist and work in Gothenburg, Malmö and Stockholm. Most of our daily activities and meetings take place online.

KAi encourages all forms of creative and intellectual immersion. Reference literature, internal education and research trips are and will always be priority benefits for our team members.


You’ll be working both individually and in small teams. We have daily internal briefings and a number of customer meetings each week, where main focus often lies on quickly translating specific needs into actionable solutions. We often work according to strict deadlines, so you need to be able to deliver under time pressure and sometimes even let go of things that are a bit unpolished.

Your level of responsibility will be incremental, and in the long run (after a few months) we would be more than happy to see your position become permanent, or at least long lasting.


We need a letter where you describe yourself, where you are heading and your specific competences. Try to answer the following questions: Why are you doing what you do? What are you doing? How do you do it?

Documented credentials regarding education, professional experience and special skills is also interesting for us to learn more about. Let us know which position you are applying for and where you found the announcment. Feel free to reply in either English or Swedish. If we like what we read, we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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TITLE: Intern / Internship

SCOPE: According to agreement (min. duration 3 months, possibly extended)

LOCATION: Gothenburg / Malmö / Stockholm



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