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Intern(s) - UX/UI Design

Internship atCryptCertStockholm,Sweden

Job Description

Cryptcert is embarking on a new and exciting journey as a tech-startup inside the disruptive areas of Cloud OS, Crypto Security & Blockchain. Part of the KTH Incubator and now seeking to grow. 

We are looking for several interns to help us build an initial case, skills within UX/UI, Creative ART skillsets, animation, brand design, web-interfaces, & mobile UX/UI. 

We look forward in hearing from you on this exciting journey!

About CryptCert

Cryptcert provides security platform in the cloud. It secures popular services provided by Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Dropbox, etc and also enterprise cloud. It enables organisations that want to solve the problem of securely sharing information without having to worry about sensitive data that is stored in the cloud. We will embark on Phase 2, focused on Crypto-Blockchain technology.