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We get so many proposals and questions about internships! So instead of turning most of them down, we decided to create Strateg Lab, which is now running next spring for the third time. Into the lab, we take a bunch of people and interns with different backgrounds and skills and learn together and from each other. It´s 4 months long program, where you will both follow and learn from (and for sure give input too, we need you!) our talented co-workers, in the profession most relevant to you. And during the time of the program, you will also create an internship-team, and try out a project or two of your own.

We are not looking for only fixed roles, we have had designers and art directors, project managers, developers of every kind, copywriters and ux-designers as interns, but we are of course heading more and more towards motion and digital creatives in every sense.

To check us out, go to the web, facebook or instagram, and you will hopefully feel the atmosphere of Strateg. We work a lot on team building, culture and on creating the best workspace for everyone onboard. Fun is as important to us, as results. We have a super strong network in Örebro, and have been able to find apartments for co-workers more than once, when needed.

Since we want to attract the most relevant students, we have made some research to match periods of internship with the best schools. That is why there is no url for application yet, but it is soon to come. March-june 2018 would be the period that we aim for at the moment.

If this sounds like you, please give Katarina that is managing all talent issues at Strateg an e-mail or a call, and you will then get the url for application asap. Call 0736-223662 or

About Strateg Marknadsföring

Strateg is the fullstack agency of choice outside Stockholm, for both small and big clients all over the country, to create great communication in every sense and to get new perspectives and effectiveness from outside the capital :)