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Junior UX Designer (closed)

Job Description

As our company efforts grow both in width and depth we see you taking ownership of one of our many product efforts. With the aid of the design team, you will be a driver within both discovery and delivery phases of the product development. You will be conducting user studies, defining the needs and demands of all interest groups, determining the functionality that will satisfy these needs, executing upon them with the right set of product solutions and then confirm and iterate upon these solutions.

As we work cross-functionally in smaller teams (squads) including both designers and developers executing on design is only part of the job. We expect UX Designers to be the main communicators of user insights, spreading the knowledge gathered from all parts of research in an effective way to the rest of the team. We believe this to be vital for providing a good user centered design environment.

About Forza Football

Forza Football keeps people up-to-date on their favorite football teams and competitions, the app covers well over 500 leagues and competitions in more than 100 countries. The app has over 10 million installs and 2 million weekly active users.