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Ad Production Specialist (closed)

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 We have one boss, our customer!

We are looking for an Ad Production Specialist to join our Customer Success Team

Our goal is to have the happiest customers in the world! For us, Customer Success is more than a part of the company, it’s an entire mindset. Everything we do at Bannerflow, regardless of position, is for the customer. That’s why the customer experience is so important to us.

As an ad production specialist, you will be a part of our customer success team. Your main focus will be to help some of our customers to build and scale customized campaigns in our amazing platform. You will also create showcases for potential and existing customers to show the possibilities and the power of the Bannerflow platform.

We think that you are at the beginning of your career, looking for an opportunity to find a place where you can learn, grow and work together with super smart people.

You have:
- Ability to understand our customers, and can make creatives that represent their brand in the best way.
-An eye for details and you never miss a deadline.
-High energy and enthusiasm with a strong commitment to exceeding client expectations.
-Strong communication and interpersonal skills, displaying the ability to connect and build relationships.
-An eye for design and experience from working with tools like Photoshop and Illustrator.

This is for you if:
-You like a fast-paced environment
-You are a fast learner
-You are organized and work efficiently, and you understand the balance between design and result when working with customized campaigns.

Additional positives:
-Knowledge of coding in HTML5
-Previous experience of SaaS and B2B.
-Proficiency in smoothie making (we provide the ingredients and a blender)

If what you’ve read so far sounds awesome and if you’re serious about this, here’s what to do next.

Help us get to know you by submitting your CV, cover letter and/or any other information you see fit in order to present who you are. You also need to show you have something extra!

There’s a pretty extensive hiring process for this position. If successful, you’ll be meeting quite a few of us and we’ll be asking a lot of tough questions. However, our recruitment process is designed to be a two-way conversation. We want to get to know you and we also want you to get a first-hand insight into what it will be like to join Bannerflow.

We’re super excited about receiving your application and hope to talk soon.

Candidates must be eligible to work in Sweden full time without restriction

About Bannerflow

Bannerflow was founded 2010 as one of the first companies in the world digitalizing the creation process of ads online. Today more than 3 000 Bannerflow ads per second are displayed all over the world. More than 1 000 brands in 60 countries have embraced Bannerflow's smart technology for making digital marketing less mysterious and more effective.