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Artworks is hiring a lead developer

Every felt like an idiot walking into an art gallery? Yeah, you are not alone. And arguably, this is the reason why only 1-3% of people who can afford to, buy art.

That’s why we created Artworks. We are redefining the way you find, experience and consume art. We are certain that the approach to broaden the art market is to make it easy and fun to navigate and experience your local art scene.

Our tech stack

React with SSR

React Native (iOS och Android)

MongoDB and ElasticSearch


Compensation: 30,000 SEK per month plus equity.

The platform is truly isomorphic (sharing code between the app/web) and utilizes server-side-rendering with webpacks tree-shaking to load dependencies dynamically. At Artworks user experience matters so we want the page to load fast, and make sure it looks great both with and without javascript enabled. 

The role is perfect for an entrepreneurial web soul who enjoy the idea of shaping an ancient industry and is encouraged by the challenge of working with a company in its infancy (but with a healthy ambition and long-term strategy).

Sounds exciting! Send Henrik an email or call him on +46(0)708385688. Please give us your elevator pitch and share your experience from previous projects. Look forward to hearing from you!

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