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Internship atBrandzyStockholm,Sweden

Job Description

Are you looking for a fun, hands-on Design industry experience in an exciting new Start-Up? We are currently seeking an ambitious, highly motivated, creative and well-organized Design Intern (3-6 month placement) to join our global startup, Brandzy, in Stockholm, Sweden.

You will work with our small but experienced team of design, business, technology and branding experts to provide UX-design, logo design, branding and user research support. Working with senior members of the team, you will quickly learn about not only design, but also what it takes to grow an online business according to the needs of Brandzy’s customers (working with both designers and clients).

Experience Required
* Great knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite (especially Adobe Illustrator)
* Excellent sense of design, color, type and layout
* Passionate about branding and logo design

* Be a part of an entrepreneurial team in a thriving start up business.
* Flexible working hours
* Work from office and home
* Learn about both business, tech and design
* The internship is not paid, but you will earn a commision of sold work you help out on, which could potentially be more than a senior position salary.

Show examples of digital design and/or graphic design work you’ve completed yourself. Please send a link to your online portfolio or a link to download a PDF of examples.

About Brandzy

Brandzy is a new innovative marketplace, where graphic designers can upload old and unsold logos. We have developed a unique tool, which allows us to instantly add millions of users' names to that logo and automatically apply it to a lot of content and merchandise.

Brandzy was built as a response to crowdsourcing services, which are not adequately compensating and incentivising talented designers. Once a designer uploads their work in Brandzy's user-friendly design tool, we can immediately embed any user’s name in the their logo, showcasing it in beautiful mockups and automatically creating lots of branded content for clients. This drastically reduces the work needed by designers and allows them to showcase their unsold logos to millions of potential buyers.