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Market Research Intern (closed)

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Our day to day is always different. We might be talking to amateur tennis players in Miami to get their take on athletic equipment. Cooking with mums in Jakarta to understand changes in food culture. Interviewing bartenders in London about the perfect cocktail.

We are constantly curious. We explore people’s actions and feelings, as well as the world around us, in order to go beyond the ‘what’ and uncover the ‘why’. We translate this into advice for companies - to inspire what they make and how they communicate.

To do this, we need to work with people who bring their own unique perspective on the world.

Our internship program reflects this. It gives people from all backgrounds a chance to experience life at a leading insight agency, and gain exposure to a wide variety of projects and challenges.

The paid, full-time position lasts for 12 weeks. It will be eclectic. You’ll pitch in practically on all manner of projects. Prepare materials, join brainstorms and help capture research output. You’ll listen to people from all walks of life. Discover new ways of looking at the world. And ultimately learn how brands identify cultural insights to develop products and communications.

To apply, please send the information (below) and task submission to

Please note you MUST have the Right to Work in the UK – valid VISA, NI number and a UK bank account to commence the internship.






You can complete this task in writing – maximum 400 words; or video or audio format – maximum 2 minutes.

Tell us about a brand that has made an impact on you and your friends, and how this brand did it…


Tell us about a cultural trend – niche or mainstream – that you’re particularly excited by…

For text, send a Word Doc or write into the body of an email. For video, mp4 or mov with h264 video codec. For audio, mp3 or aac.

About Flamingo Group

Flamingo is an insights and strategy agency with a unique, culture-led approach, refined over 20 years. We understand that culture shapes everything, from understanding to experience and behaviour, and we believe that great brands work with culture to become part of it.

We are a team of over 100 polymaths, based in central London, but with a global reach. We come from a wide range of backgrounds, including architecture, photography, sculpture, journalism, music and anthropology. Our experience gives us a unique perspective on culture and brands; we’re not just observers, we’re insiders.

We work with some of the world’s leading fashion, leisure and beauty brands -- including Estee Lauder, adidas, and LVMH -- to address a range of strategy and innovation challenges. In short, we help our clients to understand and harness the culture that they are part of to predict how consumers lives will change, and to ensure that they stay relevant.

We do this by observing human behaviour, both in people’s homes and online, examining the significance of cultural artefacts like films, language and advertising, and monitoring global and local trends to predict future cultural shifts.

Flamingo is committed to providing a working environment that encourages staff’s own cultural interests. We hold weekly talks and knowledge-sharing sessions and our working structure – grouped into collectives based on clients, specialisms and interest areas – is a breeding ground for innovative thinking.