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Do you believe in the power of content and its ability to shape impressions, generate reach, and provide opportunities for things to click with the user, through and through? Are you the ultimate multi-hyphenate, and just as comfortable being in the spotlight for a project or taking an assistive backseat role? Are you comfortable with planning, curating and the posting of content across multiple platforms, such as Facebook and LinkedIn?

Would you like to do this?

If your answer is yes to all the above, you could be who we are looking for, and we could be what you’re looking for. Either way, we’d love to have you in for a chat.

Here’s a deeper look at what you’d be tasked with handling.

You will be handling projects where you are tasked to write copy for clients within a B2B environment with a specific focus on marketing-related activities. You will be required to conceptualise the best approach to take in achieving the client’s business goals while keeping in line with their brand’s tone of voice. This will often differ in length and tone, depending on the project type, deliverable type and client.

As a part of this, you will need to take ownership of the client’s content calendar, and plan out appropriate content based on the client’s requirements.

You will also be assigned to sketch storm, conceptualise and refine content strategy and execution for campaigns alongside the rest of the Amplification Team.

You will be also be exposed and tasked to work on paid media (or what we call Amplification), including the development of Media Plans and Schedules, as well as occasionally, Paid Campaign Optimisation.

At other times, you will also be handling Community Media Management, and assist with the posting and moderation of content on the social media platforms of various clients.

This is a full-time position within the company, with accompanying responsibilities and benefits.

As a part of the job, you will be working with some of the biggest internet technology companies in the world. Based on our experience, these are the qualities you should embody in order for you to excel in this role:

You are, first and foremost, a writer, and equally comfortable writing for a brand as well as for yourself. You will however, need to adopt a strategic and marketing oriented mindset and approach to your work, and remain adaptable to the needs of the client and our business.

Having an additional skill set that complements your content and copywriting is preferred, but not an absolute requirement.

Some experience in Marketing (2 to 3 years) is very much preferred, but to us, the determination to succeed and excel at what you do is often more important.

A capacity to learn from the people around you, as well as the ability to share what you know with the team.

A can-do attitude to problem-solving, and figuring out what you need to do to get the job done without additional hand-holding.

Knowledge and expertise in several B2B areas, such as products and technology, will be highly beneficial to your role.

Experience in Client management, Communications and presenting ideas to the client, though not prerequisites, will be highly valued.

Having passions and personal projects that you care about. Share them with us! Show us who you are as a person and individual.

Most importantly, you have to be a great communicator.

To apply, send your latest CV, and any examples of marketing campaigns you worked on previously to Writing samples that showcase versatility in tone and creativity are also greatly appreciated.

We await your response.

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