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Marketing Trainee/Intern (closed)

Job Description

About the host company

The company, JL Closets has designed, manufactured and installed custom closets in luxury homes in the Miami area for almost 27 years. The company was recently acquired by a Swedish-owned company that has its base in Fort Lauderdale. The company has 20 employees and a loyal customer base with thousands of customers. The new owners have an aggressive plan for the company to grow in its local market and to expand the company to other cities within Florida and other parts of the U.S.

Job Description

The trainee/intern will help the company’s Swedish CEO develop and implement the company’s marketing program. The intern will be completely responsible for running the marketing plans and measuring their effectiveness. These campaigns will include email marketing, social media, print advertising, TV, Radio etc.

The trainee will learn directly from the CEO who has had senior positions within Private Equity firms in New York and Boston along with working globally in the consulting industry.

Required Skills

• Excellent English skills

• Graduated or close to graduation with a Master of Science in Business from a leading university.

• Previous experience from the following industries: consulting, investment bank or marketing is preferred.

• Analytical ability

• Creativity and an a sense for aesthetics

• Advanced knowledge of Excel is preferred but not required

In your cover letter, clearly state when you would be able to start along with the length of time you would be able to commit.

About JL Closets

The SACC-USA Trainee Program provides U.S. companies with highly qualified trainees from Sweden. Consider this a cost-efficient way of accessing Swedish talent and technology while adding some cultural diversity to your office. For the trainees, a training program in the U.S. is the opportunity of a life time. Talk about win-win!

SACC-USA is a designated J-1 visa sponsor of the U.S. Department of State’s Exchange Visitor Program which promotes educational and cultural exchange in order to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and other countries. Use of the Exchange Visitor Program for regular employment or other work purposes is strictly prohibited.

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