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Marketing wizard (closed)

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We're looking for a wizard who'll handle ALL of our communications & PR. The tasks vary on a daily basis from creating campaigns, lobbying, creating educational content on our platforms, being active on social media and in more specific channels for different lines of businesses, that are relevant to us - everything to build awareness of what we do and also strengthening our brand.

We're not looking for an extensive background within the field of communications, but rather a curious, hungry and eager-to-learn person who has a genuine interest in entrepreneurship, politics (moulding of public opinion), education and the conditions for young people.

About Young Capital

We're digitalizing the way we develop business ideas in our society by creating the world's first truly digital business incubator, using Ai and an awesome conversational interface. Join us if you want to make a big impact for millions of young people of our generation, and the generations to come.