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Mischief Maker (closed)

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We are being approached by lots of companies asking for ‘Mischief Makers’ and their expertise. This means we're constantly on the lookout for young talent with a creative mindset (with varying specialities). Mischief Makers are super proactive and driven, with great positive energy and brilliant communication skills.  

We invite you to join the Mischief Makers network, to cover some of our incoming projects or (full, part-time, freelance and remote) job-opportunities at various renowned creative agencies and global organizations.

About Mischief Makers

A facilitation agency focused on collaborative working and the power of creativity. We design workshops and programs that shake things up to unlock potential.

On a project basis we connect with our vast network of multidisciplinary individuals; collaborators, makers doers and thinkers, to meet every brief with the perfect combinations of expertise and discipline.