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Motion Design Intern (Remote) (closed)

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Looking for your first big break in motion design? Well, what do you know, we’re looking for our first animation intern. So, there you go!

Are you the chosen one? ✌️

We’re really into nice people. That’s kind of a big deal to us. So we’ll be looking for that first.

Next, we like people with eagerness but who can also take a good piece of advice when they hear one. You know there’s a gap between your taste and your skills, and that’s okay because you know it and you’re looking for opportunities to close that gap. We like that.

We can offer you a chance to get there. You’ll be working on a bunch of projects. Some dirty and messy (hey, you gotta cut your teeth somewhere) and some that are almost too good to be true, for clients that are almost too cool to be allowed. 


✅ 3 to 6 months availability
✅ Remote (that’s how we roll!)
✅ Adobe Creative Suite: AfterEffects, Illustrator, Premier

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