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Partner / Coder / Investor (closed)

Job Description

Projegg is a beautiful iPhone app which needs a little support and attention from a great coder, a new partner and or investor. 

The general idea is to create the alternative platforms such as a responsive website and run an active campaign to spread the word. 

There will be 3 simple steps to become part of the family:

* Short Skype meetings with the selected applicants
* Meeting in person to have a talk while enjoying our coffee.  
* Starting the procedures to take solid actions

Along with your application and CV, please shortly write about your mobile and web application experiences/links if you apply as a coder.

As for the partner and investor positions it will be nice to hear any success story which makes you proud as a team leader, manager or investor

Last but not the least, please write what do you see and feel about the "Projegg" in a few sentences. 

Thank you! 

About Projegg

Projegg connects innovative and skilled people for a collaboration where the ideas can turn into a real product. Proposing equity for a technical support is charming for any skilled person. Everyone wins through this platform!

The early stage startups or prototypes can be followed and supported by team players and investors. Promote your Projegg now, team up with skilled people and let investors discover you.

Whether you are a startup owner or a team player, forming a team or becoming part of it is easier than ever!