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Physiotherapy Intern

Internship atMeloq ABStockholm,Sweden

Job Description

Would you like to play an important role in scaling up a successful start-up?

We have an innovative medical-device that is sold in eighteen countries. We are looking for an intern with a background in Physiotherapy. You will play a pivotal role in scaling up the company.

You will learn how to use social tools to organically grow sales. You will learn how to achieve maximum gains on a minimal budget. You will develop skills that will help your future start-up to be successful while increasing your own market value.

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About Meloq AB

Meloq is a Swedish medical technology company with a vision to create better health-care by pioneering feedback systems for health-care professionals and patients.

We strive to make the lives of of health-care professionals easier by providing innovative solutions that save time whilst enhancing patient motivation. Our first product, EasyAngle, was developed in close collaboration with physiotherapists. EasyAngle simplifies range of motion measurements enabling physiotherapists and other healthcare professionals to measure mobility of all relevant joints in the body.

Today, documenting the progress of rehabilitation treatments and monitoring patient status is becoming increasingly important. By providing the ability to make precise (±1°) measurements of joint mobility, EasyAngle allows healthcare professionals to easily check and follow up on the status of their treatment programmes.