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You've had the fortune to stumble upon one of the most extraordinary opportunity in the job market - Talent Venture Labs - is hiring their first Product Designer Wizard.

Starting as soon as possible you will be one of the all-star individuals in this newly started Lab. You will be working with some of the sharpest companies within HR and recruitment tech, in the heart of Stockholm, and later on San Diego, USA

So, what does Talent Venture Labs do?

Talent Venture Labs is the growth/scale up company part of a larger HR tech group. Several companies working within the recruitment and HR-tech industry. There are currently 12 companies, ranging from tailored tech-solutions, to softwares, product development, and establishing elite talent networks.

All in all, we're around 100 people contributing to making it easier for people to find their dream employers. The companies we work will, in turn, also generate higher success employing people that thrive at their workspace.

What will YOU be doing?

Be a part of leading the product design work in our studio. You will be focusing on the user experience within our projects, some of them running simultanously. You will also research, gather input and feedback on the designs and iterate based on the findings.

What we do in our studio

- Rapid product prototyping
- Mobile first product development
- Combining creativity and data-driven decision making

You can expect

- Intrapreneurially work place
- Competitive compensation
- Company equity
- Central offices in Stockholm
- An opportunity to live and work in Stockholm and San Diego
- Domain knowledge and expertise

We will expect

- Senior product design expert
- Amazing UX mindset and toolset
- Translation skills from vision to a clear plan
- Road map ownership
- Stakeholder management skills
- A strong track record
- Solid business mindset

San Diego? Yes, we know the importance of the US market. We will have our San Diego studio up and running later in 2019.

What are we looking for?

Experience: Worked within product design. Having previous experience with leading Product Design will be seen as a huge advantage. A portfolio of some sort is required.

Education: Preferably a university degree, though not required, as we believe you’ll learn more with a company like us, than you could in school.

Personality: While we're looking for highly ambitious, charismatic, performance-driven individuals, it's equally important to be humble, friendly, and genuine.

Availability: Being able to live and work in Stockholm, Sweden and San Diego, USA. After that, it doesn't hurt to be willing to travel the world to work from different locations, though not required.

About Talent Venture Labs

Talent Venture Labs is the growth/scale up company part of a larger HR tech group. Here ideas become prototypes and prototypes becomes products.