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Psychology copywriter (closed)

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Psychology and mental health related copywriting is now looking for a Swedish writer that is passionate about psychology. The content will be about in everything that can be related to mental health both issues and top preforming coach tips.

Conetnt will also focus on shareing stories that can be found insporational for others to read that might going trough a tough time.

We also want to cover som more in depth articles about certain areas within therapy or psychology. We love what we do and want you to be a passionate part of our team and help more people fight mental struggles like depression, anxiety and others.

The workload will be around 10 hours a week. The aim is to share posts on social media as well to keep it active story channel on Facebook ect. Sometimes there will be more to do because of some bigger articles.

Therapy guides

We want to share the best guides for finding best therapist and what theraphy metod to choodse from. We currently cover a lot of different type of therapy methoods on the site but we have some more to add.

If this job offer seems compelling and intressing to you I recommend that you don't hold back but insted get in contact with us throughout our site or send us a mail with your CV describing your intrest of wanting to be a part of the team.

Best regards,

Sympativa team

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Sympativa is a site that focuses on giving helpful information around mental health as well as it reefers contact information to therapists and psychologists.