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React Native developer (closed)

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We are looking for React and React Native full-time employees and student developers to join our team in Copenhagen

Are you excessively curious about food and its transformative potential to our society? Come and work with a caring, curious, and playful team, determined to change the way we think of food.

As a React Native software developer in Plant Jammer, you will…

- Help our migration to React Native (from our react.js PWA)

- Build additional features in React Native (Mealplanning, Community, Nutritional interfaces, Gamification features)

- Work closely with 2 React developers, 1 data scientist and 3 back-end developers (Django)

It would be an advantage if you:

- Have experience with Redux, React native, Angular, or Vue

- Combine an attention to detail with a ‘move fast and break things’-attitude

- Good fun-loving personality who doesn’t mind a beer and a laugh EVERY friday

About Plant Jammer ApS

‘Plant Jammer’ - is it a band?

Well, it’s more like a tribe… a rare breed of ‘techie foodies’.

We are a handful of data scientists, Django-aficionados, and React maestros who use AI to redefine home cooking for a sustainable future.

Sounds weird? Try our PWA prototype on It’s in React.js… Now, we need your help to go native!