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Robot application developer (closed)

Job Description

We are looking for a robot application developer to join our product team. You will build and contribute to the process of building, applications on top of our social robotics platform for various internal and external use-cases. You will work alongside business developers, architecting solutions that meet customer requirements while providing valuable feedback to the platform engineers.

You will join a very ambitious team of scientists, entrepreneurs and engineers building the most advanced social robotics platform on the market. Further on, you will be an early employee at one of the most promising and high impact startups around with mission to revolutionize how we interact with in, backed by some of Europe’s most prominent investors.

By joining Furhat, you will join us on a journey to create world leading conversational robots that interact with us the way we interact with each other, and be in the driver’s seat in the development of a new genre of applications between human and machines.

As a Robot application developer, you would:

* Develop social robot applications on the Furhat platform for internal and external use-cases

* Research application development processes and tools for other platforms and capture learnings

* Document the application development process together with business developers and product managers

* Work close to the product owner and platform engineering team to make sure your learnings and feedback gets implemented in the platform

* Support business developers with technical advisory in dialogues with existing and potential customers

We would like that you have:

* All-around software engineering experience

* Experience of JVM languages

* Experience of web technologies, specifically client-heavy JavaScript

* Experience in building end-user facing applications

* Interest and experience in fast prototyping of applications

* Developed user-experience design-thinking

* Good and pedagogical communicator in speech and text

* Academic: Minimum a bachelor in a relevant field or equivalent experience

Nice to haves:

* Experience of development in Kotlin

* Experience of building conversational applications such as chat bots, voice controlled applications or social robotics

* Human-robot interaction (HRI) experience

* Game design experience

* Experience building applications in Unity

About Furhat Robotics

We are an artificial intelligence and social robotics startup with the vision to make interaction with technology truly human. Founded by four PhDs in social robotics at KTH, we are an ambitious, small team of scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs backed by prominent investors. Our product is the most expressive and customizable social robot on the market, powered by a state-of-the-art multi-modal conversational platform and a developer suite used by 3rd party developers to build robot applications. We are now looking for high-achievers that share our passion, to join our ride.